The reality is, we are falling behind as a town of our size.

Installing a wastewater system will allow Erin to undertake measured development that is essential to the future of Erin, it will also have positive effects on the economy.

This is growth that we need – growth that we will see gradually over the next two decades. We expect our urban population to increase from 4,415 residents to between 7,000 to 10,000 by 2040.

Being able to welcome more residents and businesses means additional tax dollars to help us replace or maintain the infrastructure we rely on every single day.

We could increase funding to our schools – one of which is currently suffering at only 36% capacity – and we could open new schools to provide our children with more opportunities to succeed.

We could welcome more businesses to town which would provide more options for you to shop local. We could build new starter homes for our young families, or smaller affordable homes for our aging population.

In addition, our current septic tanks and systems are aging and are outdated when compared to systems in other towns across Ontario. The tanks are beginning to fail, and it is harming the environment - this issue will only increase over time.

We need to invest now for the future of our community.

As a community, we will find balanced, smart, and sustained growth that will provide long-term benefits without compromising the values we hold close.