Tender for sewage station, linear works for wastewater system awarded

Development community paying for both projects

ERIN, ON: The Town of Erin Council today approved tender bids for the construction of the sewage pumping station and the linear works for the wastewater system. Both projects are being funded by the development community and there is no financial impact to the Town.

The tender for the sewage pumping station and linear works were posted on Bids and Tenders on May 31 and May 19, 2022 respectively.

Council approved the $11.5 million bid by Bennett Mechanical Installation (2001) Ltd., for the sewage pumping station and Nabolsy Contracting Inc., was awarded the contract for the linear works, for $40.9 million.

The bids were analyzed by WSP, the Town’s consulting team on the project, and staff, in terms of ability to deliver a highly technical construction project to a high degree of quality and professionalism and value for money. Both bidders are very qualified and experienced local contractors. Read full report and bid analysis here.

The construction of the Water Resource Recovery Facility (wastewater treatment plant), the sewage pumping station and the linear works are being paid for by the development community. See financial agreements here.

Public Information Centres will be scheduled soon to provide updated timeline for the project and potential costs to property owners who will be connecting to the system.


Council unanimously remains committed to the project and moving it forward. This is a key infrastructure project for the sustainable growth of our community. The system is being built to the one of the most stringent regulations in North America. It is an added bonus that it is being funded by the development community. Growth is being paid for by future growth. It is a win for all concerned.

  • Mayor Allan Alls