While Erin does need to grow, we do not need to do it overnight.

The growth we have proposed will be seen gradually over the next two decades. Today Erin has about 4,415 urban residents but that amount is expected to increase to between 7,000 to 10,000 residents over time.  

We know we need to be balanced, smart and measured in our approach to this without compromising the values we hold close. We are currently completing a set of Architectural and Community Design Guidelines to help shape the form and character of development in Erin. The guidelines will provide recommendations and strategies for designs that ensure the character-defining elements of the community are maintained and enhanced. This includes its connections to the surrounding rural landscapes, its historic downtowns and its ‘small town’ feel.

While change can be hard – especially in a close-knit community with so much charm – we need to do this together and remain open-minded through this process.