The risks of not building the system far outweigh any risk of building one.

For example, we currently rely on aging septic tanks and systems that are outdated when compared to systems in other towns across Ontario, and costly to repair. Once the tanks begin to fail – which is happening in our case – it can be harmful to the environment as pollutants like nitrates and phosphorus can leak into water streams affecting local fish habitats or even our drinking water sources.

Many residents of Erin take the time to maintain their septic tanks – an effort that is necessary. However, any tanks that are not maintained regularly will increasingly become an issue that will impact everyone in the Town.

Further, without the project our local businesses will struggle to exist as the costs of pumping and trucking waste will continue to mount.

Without the project, we will not be able to accommodate smaller homes for our seniors, and new starter homes to welcome young families.

We need measured growth and a new system would help bolster our local economy and create more opportunities to share the tax burden and keep our community thriving.