The Town of Erin Council has approved a staff recommendation and awarded the contract to design the trunk sanitary sewers, pumping stations and infrastructure associated with the system to WSP Canada Inc.

The $4.4-million contract includes preliminary engineering, detailed design, tendering, contract administration and on-site observation services for the first four segments of the trunk sewer system. Detailed design for the wastewater treatment plant is nearing completion.

Three companies bid on the trunk sanitary sewer contract and their proposals were evaluated by a team of town staff and three representatives from Ainley and Associates Inc., a consulting firm.

The proposals were awarded a score that considered the technical aspects of the design, timelines, cost, and ability to do the work, and WSP came out on top.

The scores were:

  • Accardi / Schaeffers & Associates Ltd.: cost $4,335,705; score 73.88;
  • The Municipal Infrastructure Group Ltd.: cost $4,738,204; score: 82.63; and
  • WSP Canada Inc.: cost $4,400,631; score: 83.90.

WSP presented the best plan, both technically and financially, and the decision to award the contract was fair and objective.

Funding for this project is included in the 2021 capital budget and will eventually be paid for by developers.  The funding for this work will be achieved by agreements with the developers to pay for the engineering fees related to the design and construction of the Wastewater Collection System. There is no financial impact to the Town and no taxpayer money will be utilized to fund this work.